Devil Watt 50W Thermoelectric Generator

Devil Watt 50W Thermoelectric Generator


The Devil Watt 50 watt thermoelectric power generator attaches to the hot surface of any suitable heat source to generate hot water and electricity.  It can be mounted to a gas, wood or coal stove for supplemental power generation or waste heat recovery. The generator is cooled by circulating water & glycol to radiators, baseboard heaters, radiant tubing or other heat exchangers.

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The thermoelectric power generator consists of 4 Tegpro Thermoelectric modules, one aluminum heat receiving plate and a liquid cooling block. The aluminum plate conducts the heat from the heat source surface to the hot side of the thermoelectric module. Some of the heat owing through the thermoelectric modules passes to the liquid cooling block where it is removed by owing water/glycol through the system. The rest of heat is converted by the thermoelectric modules to electricity.

The generator is installed with 4 Tegpro 19 Watt 56 mm × 56 mm modules connected in a series circuit. When the generators’ heat receiving plate reaches 270 °C (518 °F) and the entering water temperature is 30 °C (3/4 GPM ow rate), the generator can produce 50 watts. See the graph below to determine power generation at lower heat receiving plate temperatures. The generator is light-weight, produces no noise and is very durable. Max hot side temperature is 450 C. Never run without water/glycol cooling or unit will be damaged.

  1. There are 8 mounting holes in the hot plate of the generator, please ax to a smooth at surface on your heat source with high temperature fasteners.
  2. The generator can be installed horizontally or vertically just make sure all the air is out of the system before starting it.
  3. You can install several units to produce more output power. Always make sure that the water/glycol is owing through this unit when heat is applied.
  • Part Number: DW-WC-50W
  • Hot Side Temperature: 270 C (518 F)
  • Matched Load Output: 50W
  • Power Open Circuit Voltage: 24V DC
  • Matched Load Output Voltage: 2V DC
  • Matched Load Current: 4.2A
  • Dimension Size: 12.7in x 5.7in x 2.1in (325mm ×146mm × 55mm) 
  • Weight: 9.0 lbs (4.1 kgs)
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