Hobbit Stove Direct Air Intake System

Hobbit Stove Direct Air Intake System

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The stove can be configured with a fitting which allows primary air to be directly piped into the firebox from outside.

Our new direct airbox is now available from our range of Hobbit stove options.

This ergonomic upgraded edition is factory fitted here in our Devon stove workshop and allows for direct air to be fed directly into the Hobbit stove.

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The new design allows for independent control of both the secondary and primary air sources whilst retaining the additional primary control on the bottom door. This retention of the primary front wheel giving you even more efficient burn rate control. The two sources of airflow are controlled by two additional controls which are cleverly engineered to be operable from the front of the stove using the multi tool. In trials the box has produced better burn and higher room temps, so so far so good!

This new direct air box edition is perfect for passive houses or other airtight small spaces such as RV’s, shepherds huts, caravans, mobile homes, boats, motor homes, garden rooms tiny homes and other amazing smalls paces.

Direct Air Installation Kit 

You need to connect your direct air box to the outside and this kit has all of the parts you need to do this

The kit includes:

A length of 4′ metal pipe (250 mm)
A round chromed vent for the outside wall.
An 80/100mm metal adaptor and 1.25m length of 80mm flexible metal venting pipe.
2 x securing clips
Heat proof silicone

Tools required: You will need a drill with a 4″ hole saw or jigsaw and a file (These tools are not included)

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