Harness the power of the wind, water and sun with the best green energy products on the planet. Whether you're powering a tiny house in Texas, an earthship on the Colorado plateau, or a conversion van in the middle of nowhere, find the perfect green energy solution here.

Goal Zero Boulder 100 | Solar Panel | Tiny Life Supply.png


Primus Air Wind | Tiny House Store | Tiny Life Supply.png


Powerspout PLT | Micro Hydro Electric Generators | Tiny Life Supply.png


Devil Watt 100W Thermo Electric Generator | Off Grid Power | Tiny Life Supply.png


Humless 12KWH Four | Solar Generator | Tiny Life Supply.png

Energy Storage

Firman H08051 One | Solar Battery Charger | Tiny Life Supply.png




The perfect heat source not only provides comfort for your living area, but elevates the design of your entire space. No matter what heating requirements you're working with, find the perfect solution in our collection of tiny wood stoves, propane, and electric heaters.

Cubic Grizzly | Tiny Wood Stove | Tiny Life Supply.png

Wood Stoves

Dickinson Marine Newport p12000 | Tiny House Propane Heater | Tiny Life Supply.png

Propane Heaters

Prestyl Infrared Heater 42%22 x 42%22 | Tiny House | Tiny Life Supply.png

Electric Heaters

Sundware Sol Air Small | Tiny House Solar Heating | Tiny Life Supply

Passive Solar

Tiny House Stove Installation Kit Roof Exit | Tiny House Wood Stove | Tiny Life Supply.png

Flue Kits

Dickinson Marine Exhaust Cap | Tiny House Propane Heater | Tiny Life Supply..png




At Tiny Life Supply we believe living simply doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort. To the tiny lifers out there who still plan on hosting thanksgiving dinners, this collection of off-grid compact appliances is dedicated to you.

Unique 20%22 Classic Two | Gas Stove | Tiny Life Supply.png

Range Ovens

Unique 24%22 Two | Cooktop | Tiny Life Supply.png


Unique 3cuft Two Square | Compact Refrigerators | Tiny Life Supply.png


Pelican Elite Cooler 30QT White | Compact Appliances | Tiny Life Supply.png

Freezers + Coolers

Furrion 18 inch Countertop Dishwasher |Tiny House Dishwasher | Tiny Life Supply.png


Laundry Alternative Mini Countertop Spin Dryer One | Compact Appliance | Tiny Life Supply.png




A well designed water system is a game changer for any tiny living space. Whether you're renovating a conversion van, building a tiny house, or adding utilities to an off-grid getaway, our collection of tanks, pumps and water heaters will let you get it done right.

Barr Plastics Water Tank | Tiny House Water System | Tiny Life Supply.png


Flowjet Versijet.png


Eccotemp i12 | Tiny House Water Heater | Tiny Life Supply.png


Tiny Tubs Bathtub | Tiny House Bathroom | Tiny Life Supply.png

Showers + Baths

Clean Rain Rectangle.png


Aqua2use GWDD Pump | Tiny House Water | Tiny Life Supply.png




It's all about the details. Anyone can slap together a garden shed, but with attention to detail and few select pieces from our tiny life essentials collection, you'll be well on your way to creating a true tiny dream home.

Lotus 4%22 Regressed Gimbal White | LED Lighting | Tiny Life Supply.png


MRCOOL DIY | Tiny House Mini Split | Tiny Life Supply.png

Air Conditioning

Haase Handraft Ash Two | Tiny House Storage | Tiny Life Supply.png

Furniture + Storage

Maxsa Solar Security Camera and Spotlight Black | LED Lighting | Tiny Life Supply.png

Safety + Security

Powerblanket 100lb Propane Tank Heater | Tiny House Shop | Tiny Life Supply.png

Propane Tanks

Separett Villa | Tiny House Bathroom | Tiny Life Supply.png