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C4P Next | Infinivent Model X


The Infinivent Model X is a fully autonomous solar powered roof vent. Under direct sunlight this vent can circulate up to 1000 cubic feet per minute.  This vent is a replacement for the older whirlybird roof vents.  

The main purpose of venting your roof is to remove moisture from your attic.  In colder climates, moisture can enter the attic through your ceiling, and once it hits the cold air, it can condensate causing your house to sweat. 

Another solution to venting your roof is with a ridge vent.  

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  • Autonomous Operation (100% Solar)
  • Solar 18V, 12W
  • Fan 24V, 0.8A
  • Ventilation 1200sqft, can vent up to 1000CFM
  • Slim profile 21.25" x 21.25" x 3.5"