Tiny House Roof Exit Flue Kit

Tiny House Roof Exit Flue Kit

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A roof installation is one of the easiest and cheapest installations for wood stoves. This kit comes with everything you need to safely get through the roof of your tiny house, shed or small cabin.

Note: This kit does not fit seamlessly with the Cubic Cub or Cubic Grizzly Mini Stoves. A Cubic Mini ‘Stove to Flue’ Adapter must be mounted on your Cubic Stove to transition to standard 3” flue kits. For Cubic components check out the Cubic Double Wall Flue Pipe or our Flat Roof Exit Kit.

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Flue Diameter:
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3" Flue Exit

This kit is for venting 3” stoves like: The Dwarf 3kwCubic-Mini Cub & Grizzly and the Pipsqueak, out the roof of tiny houses, sheds or small cabins.

4" Flue Exit

This kit is for venting 4” stoves like: The Dwarf 4kwSalamander HobbitNavigator Cod & Sardine out the roof of tiny houses, sheds or small cabins.

5" Flue Exit

This kit is for venting 5” stoves (like our Dwarf 5kw Small Wood Stove) out the roof of tiny houses, sheds or small cabins.

Included in this kit:

  • Roof Support Bracket (Secures & supports pipe at the roof line)
  • 40” Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Pipe (2″ Clearance from combustibles)
  • Storm Collar (Fits around insulated pipe and keeps elements of the pipe boot joint)
  • Silicone High Temp Pipe Boot 14″ Square Base (Seals pipe to roof line)
  • Roof Vent / Cap (Covers the top of the insulated pipe)
  • Single to Double Adapter (Connects insulated pipe to single wall stove pipe)
  • Adjustable Interior Trim Plate (Trims out interior and works on flat & pitched roofs)
  • Single Wall Telescoping (Allows some margin to easily install single wall pipe between the chimney pipe and stove flange)
  • Insulated Pipe Clamps x 2 (Secures roof vent and single to double adapter to the insulated pipe)
  • Single Wall Pipe Clamps x 1 (Secures telescoping pipe to adapter)


Since every installation is a little bit different you will need additional single wall pipe and may need additional double-wall pipe to complete your installation. Simply measure the distance from your stove’s flue flange to where the pipe will exit the roof then subtract 18″. This is the amount of single wall pipe you will need. The single wall telescoping pipe included in the kit allows for easy installation by stretching or shrinking the pipe to connect the stove to the chimney pipe.

This kit will put the roof vent approximately 24-26″ above where it exits the roof. You will need additional insulated pipe if you would like to extend higher than 26”. Insulated pipe is recommended for use outside the structure to keep flue gases hot.

Typically you want your roof vent to be above the peak of your roof line so wind gusts do not come over the top of your roof then down the vent pipe. Keeping your vent above the roof line helps prevent backdrafts. This may not be an issue depending on your location. We will eventually have directional anti-draft roof vents if this is an issue.

For spaces that regularly move you can optionally get (2) sections of 20″ insulated pipe & another clamp instead of a solid 40″ section. This will allow you to remove one 20″ section plus the vent when moving.

Code for residential installation says, “ 3 ft minimum from roof penetration and 2 ft minimum above highest point of anything within 10 ft.”