Cubic Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe

Cubic Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe


24" stainless steel double wall flue pipe fits on both of our stoves. The Cub CB-1008 and TheGrizzly CB-1210

Double wall construction, provides the best draft for optimal stove performance and theleast amount of creosote build up possible.

22 1/2 " of usable flue pipe per section ( they fit one into another)

3 1/8" outside diameter.

Our flue pipe require 3" clearance with flue flashing the entire length.

Our wall mounts comes with adjustable flue shields. If more flue shields are required, we offer 30" length of flue shield extensions (CB-2015-30-SS or CB-2215-30-SS) one for each stove. This must be installed behind the entire length of flue when installing near a wall.

Note: Cubic stoves and flue pipe do not fit seamlessly with other standard 3” chimney flue pipe, caps, and accessories. If your space has a flat roof, consider the Flat Roof Exit Kit. If you are installing your Cubic stove in a space with a pitched roof, check out this install we did to get ideas for your own.

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