Cubic 12" Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe

Cubic 12" Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe


12" Cubic Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Pipe is designed specifically for Cubic flue systems and works with both the Cubic Cub and Cubic Grizzly mini wood stoves. This 12” section is designed to be added to the 24" long sections, minimizing waste when trying to achieve the correct height for your interior flue pipe. Made from stainless steel inside and out, the double wall construction provides the best draft for optimal stove performance.

Note: This product only works with Cubic Mini Wood Stoves and Cubic flue systems.


12” long with 10 1/2" of usable flue pipe (1 1/2" lost on the connection)


The inside pipe goes inside the flue collar on the stove, the outer pipe goes outside the flue collar. The pipes connect as they should so there is no creosote that will leak out (male end facing down).


Outside diameter is 3 1/4"

The inner pipe's diameter is 2 7/8"

Cubic flue pipe requires a 3" clearance to combustibles with flue flashing along the entire length.

Cubic wall mounts come with adjustable flue shields which extend up to 37". If additional flue shields are required, additional 30" flue shield extensions can be purchased separately. This must be installed behind the entire length of flue when installing on or near a wall.

Cubic suggests designing your flue system to exit straight up and out of the roof. For that reason, Cubic compatible flue elbows are not available.

Cubic Flue Pipes must be secured together permanently with self-tapping screws at each joint.

Pellet stove pipe should never be used on Cubic stoves.

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