Humless Home Standard 6.5

Humless Home Standard 6.5


More power. The Home Standard is our second largest power system with 6.5 kWh of battery storage. This system is ready to power small, medium, or heavy loads for an extended period of time.

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True Off-Grid Energy

Most home power storage systems aren’t able to store unused energy from solar panels efficiently. And systems with Lead Acid batteries will quickly lose their storing ability without regular maintenance. That means you aren’t really living off the grid! The HOME standard’s cutting-edge LiFe battery solves both of those issues, finally granting you the off-grid freedom you’ve been searching for.

Safe & Reliable

Your standard Lead Acid or Lithium Ion battery comes with a host of problems that make them unreliable or even dangerous for home use—such as emitting harmful gases or even starting fires! The HOME standard’s battery is the perfect marriage of safety, reliability and efficiency, keeping your home powered and safe.

Easy to Install & Use

The complexity of home energy storage systems have been a major turn off for many people, as many require specialists and lengthy install times to get up and running. The HOME standard can easily be configured by any electrician. After that, it just works. The HOME series is designed to run without hiccups, keeping the juice flowing.

4x Longer Life Cycle

The HOME standard’s amazing LiFe battery keeps your home powered up longer than ever with 2500+ full charging cycles. In layman’s terms, you could fully charge and discharge your HOME standard every day for 8-10 years before it needs to be replaced. Compare that to the 300- and 700-charge life cycles of Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries, and there’s no contest. Plus, Humless costs less per charge!

One Third the Mass & Weight

Not every home has the space for a hulking energy storage system. Lead Acid batteries can be up to 3x bigger than our Lithium LiFe batteries. The HOME standard’s size makes installation a breeze. Plus, you won’t have to clear out your guest bedroom just to make room for your new battery or worry about it dropping straight through the floor.


Let’s cut to the chase—Lithium Ion and Lead Acid batteries have a few problems. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel safe keeping a power storage unit in my house that could burst into flames or release harmful gases without warning. Yet that’s exactly what could happen with other types of batteries. Your HOME standard was built to keep you and your family safe, period.

Holds Charge While Neglected

To say that Lead Acid batteries are high-maintenance would be an understatement. These batteries require routine maintenance—otherwise, you can watch your ability to store power drain away until it’s gone. Our Lithium LiFe batteries solve the issue entirely, requiring no maintance making battery storage truly worry free.

No Charge Memory

“Charge memory” is what happens when more traditional batteries are not fully depleted before being recharged. As time goes on, these types of batteries stop being able to recharge to their max capacity. That means you’ll be replacing your battery much more often…switch to a Humless and never worry about charge memory again!

Advanced Battery Management

Home power storage doesn’t have to be complicated. Even though our batteries are advanced, we make analyzing and monitoring your power system as easy as watching TV. Just take a peek at your unit’s LCD screen for full info (updated in real time) on your battery’s recharge status, energy use, and overall health. Take the headache out of off-grid power and get back to life on your terms.


Storage: 6.5 kWhs
Cycle Life: 2,500
Size: 30.7 x 13.7 x 35.8 Inches
Weight: ~287 Lbs
Inputs: 106-132 Volts AC Charging (Grid) • 70~150 V DC Charging
Max AC Input Power - 3,000 Watts (120 VAC)
Max PV Input - 2,400 Watts
MPPT Voltage Range - 70 V / 140 V
Max Inverter Output Current - 25 Amps
Max Efficiency - >97%
Operating Conditions - Temperature: 32-104° Farenheit (Charge); 4-122° Farenheit (Discharge); Humidity: 5-90%

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