Renogy E.Flex 10 Panel With USB Port


Durable and portable 10 watt solar panel.Includes two carabiners and four suction cups for easy mounting.

Renogy E.Flex 10 Panel With USB Port

With 10 watts in this durable and portable panel, you will never have to worry about a dead battery! Perfect for on-the-go activities, this lightweight panel is sure to give you power right when you need it. The Renogy E.FLEX10 includes two carabiners that can easily attach your panel to a backpack while hiking and four suction cups for easy mounting on vehicle windows. The built-in monocrystalline solar cells give maximum efficiency and the new auto-optimization charging feature allows for a continuous charge the moment you're back in the sun! Add on a Renogy Drifter (portable battery bank) for back-up power in the shade or at night. Don't be left without power! This ultra-thin panel is sure to charge any USB device.


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