Matt & Sarah

Tiny house builders Matt & Sarah Organista lying in a grassy field.

Matt & Sarah are the power couple of tiny living! With a successful heptathlon career in the bag, Sarah now splits her time between coaching college track and touring with her indie folk band The Riverside. Matt is no slouch either. In addition to his work as a personal trainer, water polo coach, and freelance cinematographer, Matt races professionally as a triathlete! The dynamic duo now have their sites set on something a little smaller... a custom built off-grid tiny house! Their goal: live debt free, own less stuff, and reduce their impact on the environment! When Matt and Sarah got hitched last month they set up a tiny house registry, where friends and family gifted tools, appliances, and enough cash to get the couple's tiny dream off the ground. In true power couple form, sleeves are already rolled up and sawdust is flying! Some interesting feature's of Matt & Sarah's design include an atmospheric water generator, a wind turbine, solar panels, and a 400 watt bicycle generator! Welcome to the Tiny Life Renegades Matt & Sarah! We are excited to collaborate with you as you create the tiny life of your dreams!

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