Leo Hoorn



Tiny Life Supply ambassador Leo Hoorn standing in his partially constructed tiny house shell.

Leo is a dreamer and a doer. As a kid he dreamed of being in a snowboard movie, so he borrowed a camera and made one. He wanted to build his life around his passions, so he hitched a ride to Whistler BC and set up camp. He dreamed of travelling the world in search of snow, so he scored a gig as Sherpas Cinema’s Director of Photography and now does just that! And the journey is far from over. Armed with a sawzall and a bag of nails, Leo is now focused on his newest dream... the construction of a fully customized tiny house on wheels! It’s hard to tell where the future will take this globe trotting film maker, but it’s clear he’ll be travelling there in style. Welcome to the Tiny Life Renegades Leo! We are excited to collaborate with you on your tiny dream home build!

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