Downsizing for Tiny Homes

A Comprehensive Guide to Downsizing

Regardless of where you are in the process of building your tiny homeyurt, van, cabin or micro home, you will have to consider how much stuff you can fit into your new space. For many, this process of downsizing can be a challenge and many people don’t even know where to start. If you are struggling with this daunting task, then read this guide to get you started on the process!
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Fired Up About Tiny Wood Stoves: The North Woods Interview!

Fired Up About Tiny Wood Stoves: The North Woods Interview!

Nothing seems to generate more interest than our curated line of tiny wood stoves! In this interview, we connect with our friend and owner of North Woods Fabrication, David Steinke, to learn more about him, his small-town wood stove manufacturing business, and his beautiful tiny wood stoves!
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Dream Bigger, Live Smaller

Dream Bigger, Live Smaller

Living in Hawaii is something that is only a dream for most people. This is due to the Hawaiian Housing Market being extremely expensive to enter. By opting to live smaller, the Fontanilla family has been able to make their dream of living in Maui a reality.
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