A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Water System in a Tiny Home

A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Water System in a Tiny Home

Designing a water system for a tiny house while also keeping water conservation in mind requires some thinking and tinkering. I’ve put together some notes based on what I’ve learned from designing and building the water system for the Leahnardo tiny house.
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John and Jayme's van

Five Must-Have Products for any Van Reno

Building a van is always a combination of excitement and fear. There are all kinds of different ways to build out a van within a variety of budgets, but there are some things that we think are just worth the extra cash.
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tiny house with four solar panels

Six Questions to Ask Before Buying a Solar Power System

At first, trying to figure out how to design the perfect solar power system can be overwhelming. What size solar panels do you need? What type of solar batteries are best... and how many do you need? How much should a solar power system cost?
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Lotus 2" Slim Gimbal Recessed LED
Lotus 6" Round LED 12W Superthin
Maxsa Solar 100 LED Security Floodlight
Lotus 6" Round 14W Economy Superthin


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